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Metal alloys have a very wide use in dental technology and are mainly divided into two groups: noble alloys and non-noble alloys.

Cabro Recovery & Refining offers recovers noble dental alloys containing precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum directly from the manufacturing companies (from waste and alloys that have not passed the quality control), but also from collectors, dental technicians or dentists.

Gold is the precious metal most widely used in dental alloys: in addition to being the most malleable and not oxidizing in contact with air and moisture, it has a very low reactivity with most other substances. When it is alloy, Gold gives it high resistance to corrosion and increases its density, but it is crucial that Gold is not contaminated by impurities because this could significantly affect the properties of the alloy.

Within the noble alloys, you can recognise Gold alloys for melting, which in turn divided into soft (composed mainly of Gold, Silver and Copper) and medium, hard and super-hard, which contain Palladium and Platinum in increasing percentages proportionally to hardness.

Recovered Metals

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium

Recovery From

  • Dental
  • Golden Crowns
  • Silver
Cabro S.p.A uses advanced technologies and customized systems that respect the environment. Reliability and professionalism guarantee excellent results, quick production and maximum valorization of recovered metal.

In addition, the company has all of the Law's permissions to ensure the correct handling of waste treatment and disposal operations. 
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